Thursday, July 16, 2009

We've Moved!!

It has been WAY WAY too long since I have posted anything. We recently moved to Manassas in a small house, which I love. We haven't gotten everything organized yet but we are getting there. Aiden is crawling all over the place now, and pulling him self up! He also has learned to clap, it is the most adorable thing ever!

He also has 3 teeth and I suspect the 4th is on its way in!

Some really cool news!

The Natural Baby Company (the makers of my awesome GroBaby diapers) is doing an awesome giveaway with their new laundry detergent TINY BUBBLES, it is supposedly awesome, which I need something new because with our new front loader. I haven't been able to figure out a good washing routine, it could very well be the detergent. Also recently I got the new GroBaby snap diapers which I love. I just wish they came in the colors. I would like to replace my shells with the snaps. They seem bigger, I have to put them on a much smaller setting than the aplix kind. Which is great, it just means that I know they will last until potty training!

Here's the link to the detergent!

I will post some more pictures when I find my camera. It is MIA right now GGRR I am really hoping I didn't lose it!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Rub a dub dub!!

Yesterday, Aiden and I took our first bath together. I put on my maternity suit, which made me feel good since it was massive on me. He loved it. I let him float a little, and sort of try to swim. It was amazing how he just had the instinct. I sat indian style with him just so he could feel the water all around him and he couldn't wiggle his way away from me. He was kicking and splashing and it was just adorable!! I love my little baby!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Trying out solids!

Well, Aiden is almost 6 months, so I decided to try out some rice cereal last night. I mixed it up with some breastmilk. It was very runny, just for him to taste. As I was feeding it to him it seemed that it was getting runnier and runnier. Well it turns out breastmilk has an enzyme in it that breaks down carbohydrates. That stuff is amazing!

Well, feeding him, I think he still has the tongue thrust reflex. He took a couple of spoonfuls and then decided he was done. I guess this will be a slow process. I am using Happy Bellies brown rice cereal. It is supposed to be better for them than just the regular rice cereal that really provides no nutrition for him. I think adding solids is going to be a slow process! But hopefully it will get more fun when we add in veggies and fruits! He looks so cute in his high chair, and did very well in it.

Also, I have a Sustainablebabyish bamboo fitted for night time, I first got a medium and thought it might be too small for him. So I bought one in a large and the large is too big! I think I just need to get used to cloth diapering. Which means I need more! Hopefully my state tax refund will come soon and I will be able to get enough for us to diaper full time.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cloth diapers, not as bad as everyone thinks!

These pictures aren't the greatest but Aiden is acknowledging animals now! And eating his feet! SO CUTE!

So yesterday I had the babysitter (Donnie's mom) try out the cloth diapers for the first time. Before now I was just doing them on the weekends. She said they weren't that bad. I think she needs some time to get used to them. I also wanted her to try them out, so I could see how it was washing them during the week, after work. It wasn't bad AT ALL. It seemed it took less time than on the weekend. I think because I was busy with playing with Aiden, pumping, and getting dinner ready that the wash routine seemed to be done in no time. Also drying time takes hardly anytime, if I just put a dry towel in there. The first time I dried them it took almost 3 cycles without the towel. With the towel it takes only 1 cycle!! Hurray! Now, I just need some more funds to invest in some more GroBaby's. And we will be in them full time!

Better news!! WE ARE SCOOTING!!!

Aiden scooted up and down the bed 3 times last night!! It was so exciting! I was clapping and cheering for him like it was a some sports game or something, haha! He buries his little face in the bed and lifts his little butt up and moves his feet, little by little. It takes him some time to do, and he seems like he is getting a real workout doing it. It is so amazing watching how fast they develop, how quickly he is learning things. I wish I learned things that fast!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Pictures of Aiden in his GroBaby!

The first picture is not very good but you can see they aren't too bulky!

Cheap Craigslist people!!!!!!!!

I am trying to sell a bunch of Kirkland brand diapers that I bought from Costco. I bought them for 40 dollars which is not cheap. I used about 15 of them and they come in packs of 208, so I posted something on craigslist trying to sell them for $30 dollars. I think that is perfectly reasonable. I have been getting emails asking if they could have them for free, for $20, for $10. Then I had someone who would purchase them for $25, but wanted to meet me in Reston! No where in my posting did I say I would meet people. If you want the diapers, come to me. I am not driving an hour. People are so cheap!!! Ugh!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

First day in cloth diapers!!!

I started using my new Grobaby's today and also last night used a Sustainablebabyish overnight. He woke up a tiny bit damp but the diaper hasn't reached its fully potential!

The Grobaby's!! I love them they are awesome. They have an outer shell and snap in liners. It is supposed to be a cheaper and more "green" way of cloth diapering. Meaning less laundry. So far so good. I wish I had more of them, that will have to wait. They only come in green, and orangish color and a blackberry color. In June they will be coming out with a vanilla color which I like the idea of better. Who needs colors or prints if they are covered up??

Hopefully I can invest in all the diapering supplies and convert over fully to cloth! It would be a great investment for us and for the environment!

Also!!!! Exciting day! Aiden rolled over all the way today at my moms! He got his little hand out that always gets stuck. He's on the move now!!! Better watch out!! Also right now he is sleeping in his crib peacefully on his belly! Why???Because he chose to sleep like that. I put him on his back and he rolled to his belly!

I will try and post a picture tomorrow of him in his GroBaby!! They are adorable!